Professional growth of DIJA employees and learners

Start of Project: 01/06/2023
End of Project: 31/08/2024

What do you want to achieve?

Objective #1: Promote the professional development of DIJA employees

DIJA employees need support to be able to implement various mobilities in the field of professional training. By carrying out shadowing activities, the skills of building mobilities and cooperation will be learned, which will be further applied in DIJA’s future projects. By participating in the training, employees will learn the specifics of cooking different dishes, thus increasing their professional skills and acquiring new specific methods that to apply in their daily work with students. We want to involve the entire staff to ensure uniform operation of DIJA employees in Erasmus+ projects and other international initiatives. Language and positive communication promotion courses are also needed in order to improve personal abilities to cooperate, especially with people who need specific support (it number due to their limited capabilities).

Objective #2: To strengthen the basic skills acquired by DIJA trainees and to supplement them in both professions and profession-attracting fields.

In fulfilling this objective, DIJA trainees:- you will strengthen your acquired knowledge and get an additional internship opportunity (shadowing) – currently what is missing is an additional internship so that a person can fully utilyze the acquired qualifications use in the labor market.- will gain new knowledge, especially about areas that are not included in the basic program, but are needed in the labor market (courses) – will learn different European dishes, which are important knowledge and skills in the Latvian catering market.- will gain additional personal development and social skills, which are needed in the labor market, by working as a cook’s assistant or a pastry chef’s assistant (especially when going on mobilities, because it is another environment, other circumstances and great opportunities for self-developing communication and cooperation).