Start of Project: 27.02.2024
End of Project: 01.03.2024

Partners from Spain Erasmus is not about the language, but about the enjoyableexperienceand friendship!🌍💫

Erasmus is not about the language, but about the enjoyable experience and friendship!🌍💫

In February 2024 partners from Granada, Spain visited us. 

Both of our guests are representatives of C.E.PER. Valle de Lerin-Adult Learning Center) and further to us to be inspired by the works of our learning center, as well as to form joint future cooperation. Of course, we introduced our guests to Latvian culture and nature. 

🌳 Our joint activities:

🤝 Getting to know DIJA’s activities, premises and future plans. 

Walk in Ķemeru National Park, as well as in Old Riga.

We visited the Riga Technical School of Style and Fashion, where our guests and we were introduced to the work of the technical school and current Erasmus+ projects.

On the last day, we bake shortbread cookies in the premises of DIJA, and now this recipe will be available in Spain as well. 

🌍  We are really grateful for the Erasmus+ Latvia opportunities and will continue our development in this area.