Title Beginning Price incl. VAT (EUR)
Bērnu tiesības un aizsardzība 8st. (A līmeņa programma) ONLINE! 06-06-2020 pl.14 25,00
ONLINE! BĒRNU NEGADĪJUMU CĒLOŅI UN RĪCĪBA TAJOS 6st. (A līmeņa programma) 10-06-2020 pl.12-16 20,00
Minimal Hygiene Requirements at Food Enterprise ONLINE! 27-05-2020 9,00+PVN
Self-control System at Public Food Enterprise ONLINE! 27-05-2020 50.00

To apply for courses or pay via bank transfer you should use:

  • the application form in our home page 
  • call to indicated phone numbers 
  • send your requisites by fax.

After finishing courses You will be issued with certificate.
The seminars take place at A.Caka Street 40, office 8 or Lacplesa 47-1, Riga.