PAVĀRA PALĪGS - 2.profesionālais kvalifikācijas līmenis

Continuing Education Program CHEF ASSISTANT, 480h.
Theory, practical training in the kitchen, qualification practice.

    Food description, processing, preparation:
    Vegetables and mushrooms;
    Soups, broths, sauces;
    Groats, pulses, pasta;
    Egg, cottage cheese, cheese dishes
    Fish, seafood;
    Meat, game
    Poultry meat, national dishes
    Cold dishes, snacks
    Desserts, desserts, pastries
    Design principles
    Sanitation, hygiene, work safety in the kitchen
    Preparation of calculation and technological map.

* 650 EUR (maksājumu var veikt 2 daļās)
* 710,00 (maksājumu var veikt pa 5 daļām)

Aim of the program: As a result of the education process, to prepare a catering company employee who, under the guidance of a specialist, performs food pre-processing, is able to handle catering equipment, prepares simple meals and additives, maintains catering equipment, observes sanitary and hygienic requirements, and teamwork.

The price includes: theory, handouts, on-the-job training in the kitchen, attending a seminar on "Minimum Hygiene Requirements", certificate, state-recognized document.
* There is a possibility to get back 20% of the amount paid.